School Values

Student-Led – Collaboration, Resilience, and Respect

Vision and Values

Blyth Primary School is a positive and inclusive learning community that aims to equip students to be successful, confident, and creative global citizens. Our vision;

Growing – As children grow as individuals, they learn about their beliefs, values, and personal identity.

Believing – As young people, they can have many opportunities to experience and learn.

Achieving – Well-being and academic goals for now at Primary School and for future success.

In Our School, We Aim to See:

  • Enthusiastic, happy, and motivated students involved in a broad, balanced, and meaningful curriculum.
  • Staff modeling being continuous learners and working collaboratively to provide challenging, child-centered learning opportunities which cater for students to achieve the outcomes as stated in the Australian Curriculum.
  • Parents/Caregivers actively involved in, and informed about, the learning of their children.

Blyth Primary School Learning Environment

Students have the advantage of being able to access well-cared-for learning and playing environments. Students enjoy a range of lessons with specialist teachers along with a whole school focus on literacy – reading and writing, and numeracy.

Currently, there are 3 classes that have students usually within a Junior Primary, Middle Primary, and Upper Primary setting with shared learning spaces. These classes meet in the morning and afternoon in Home Groups, but on some days have opportunities to work with other students in whole-school learning programs based upon literacy needs.

Our teachers work collaboratively with each other, planning holistically and working across classes together in order to share understanding and knowledge of each child’s learning. Outdoor learning affectionately known as “Nature Play” is a feature of both our academic and social/wellbeing learning.

Blyth Primary opened in 1878 so 145 years of learning at BPS!!!