General Characteristics

Students who attend B.P.S come from outlying regional areas and from within the township. Additional SSO time is given for students within each classroom to support Literacy Programs and to assist with students’ learning needs.

Student Well-Being Programs

Positive Education programs enable students to set goals for their learning and well-being. Each Monday Morning there is a “Welcome Back” whole school assembly where staff welcome students back to the new week. A CPW works with classroom teachers on the promotion of social skills development, understanding emotions and making friendships. A breakfast program is provided one day per week with students working in teams to plan the menu, prepare, cook and serve. Parents/Carers and Playgroup are sometimes invited to participate in these breakfasts.

Student Support Offered

Teachers & SSOs work together to enable differentiated learning programs for students. Due to the size of the school, all staff accept responsibility for providing pastoral care to students and as students are in small classes there are many opportunities to nurture relationships with others of different ages during whole-school activities and lesson swaps.

Student Management

Recently both the Behaviour Development Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy have been updated, with students assisting with the review in behaviour processes and school expectations. The principal works with families and support services to ensure proactive processes are in place to support students. A restorative relationship process is used at all times. There have been no suspensions over the past 3 years.

Student Government

School Captains and sports Captains are a part of the student leadership, with students applying through an application process, with an interview and a whole school assembly speech. This year as there are only two year 6 students, the Year 5 students have been invited to join committees to assist.

Special Programmes

Sporting Schools Grants subsidise specialist Physical Education activities that students may not be able to access due to distance and availability.
Ag Science is a feature with all students involved with a whole school program with a specialist teacher connected to community.
Students participate in Book Week Activities & Premier’s Reading Challenge &Book Fair.
Science Programmes & Tree planting are accessed through community events in the Mid North.