School Operations

Decision-making structures

Governing Council, Parent Club & OSHC committees are active. Teaching & SSO staff meet each week at staff meeting and will discuss and make decisions wholistically. PAC & WHS decisions are also raised and discussed at staff meeting.

Regular publications

The Newsletter with student & class news is published three times per term.
The Weekly Bulletin is published every week apart from Newsletter weeks.

Other communication

Skoolbag is a web-based app that families access for whole school communications currently.
Classes use Class Dojo, and email to communicate with families. The school advertises on the “big screen” at the local cinema, and uses the local newspaper located in Clare for highlighting of events. The school contributes to the bi-monthly Blyth community newsletter “A Town Called Blyth.”


Local Community


Blyth Primary School is a small school located within the township of Blyth. There is strong community support for the school and currently, an OSHC offers childcare after school. Playgroup also caters for infants once per week.

The school is 14 kilometres from Clare, & in 2020, all Yr. 7 students who were eligible to attend Blyth Primary elected to attend Middle School located at Clare High School. The Blyth community is a predominantly farming community.

Services in the town

Local services in the town include a newly opened cafe, hotel, and agricultural supplier, post office, party hire, art gallery and cinema. Regular tree planting has led to a healthy environmental programme. There is strong community support for various sporting activities including football & netball with Blyth combining with Snowtown to become the “Blyth/Snowtown Cats”. There are housing blocks, which border the school’s oval released for sale during 2005 with homes progressively being built.

There are generations of families who have lived in Blyth, but some other families are now choosing to live in Blyth and commute to Clare or other areas for employment. Families access Clare as the nearest shopping, medical and dental facilities that are available.

Parent and community involvement

There is community pride in the school and all events and programs are usually well attended. However, it is the situation of a small town where many parents & community members also hold positions on other committees and are involved with other organisations or have work commitments so this impacts on the organisation of some events and planning to ensure maximum participation.