At Blyth Primary School, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of facilities that cater to the holistic development of our students. From modern classrooms to dedicated sports and agricultural spaces, our school is equipped to offer a comprehensive learning experience.

Learning Environments

Modern Classrooms

Our classrooms are not only spacious and well-lit but also equipped with the latest technology. This ensures that students have access to a modern learning environment, fostering both creativity and academic excellence. All spaces are airconditioned.

Extensive work in renovating classroom learning spaces, the library and outdoor spaces have been occurring over the past five years. The Admin Hall building area over 145 years old, has been renovated and is now used for teaching, staff room facilities, and meetings such as Parent Club and Governing Council. The school grounds have been recently asphalted in 2020.


Our library is a sanctuary for young readers and curious minds. With a vast collection of books and resources, it serves as a hub for knowledge and discovery.

Access for students and staff with disabilities

A ramp access has been added to the office area for prams, with ramping available for classroom areas and toilets.

Access to bus transport

Students access The Department for Education Busses if they qualify for transportation to school.

OSHC operates after school until 6pm.

Playgroup is available to families one morning per week but are invited to participate with whole school events such as Harmony Day Breakfasts.

Sports and Recreation

Sports Oval

Physical education plays a pivotal role in our curriculum. Our expansive sports oval is perfect for various outdoor activities, ensuring students stay active and engaged.

Multi-purpose Court

Whether it’s shooting hoops or practicing serves, our outdoor court is versatile, catering to both basketball and tennis enthusiasts.

Playgrounds and Nature Play Space

Understanding the importance of play in a child’s development, we have multiple outdoor playgrounds. Additionally, our nature play space allows students to connect with the environment, fostering a love for nature and the outdoors.

Agricultural Learning

Our dedicated agricultural spaces provide students with a unique opportunity to explore the world of agriculture. Here, they can learn about various agricultural practices, witness the growth process, and understand the importance of sustainable farming.